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Are you looking to rank locally? Have you tried large sales driven agencies and got nowhere? Don't believe the claims that Organic SEO is dead? Key Designs can get the job done. We have been providing Organic SEO services to local businesses for over 15 years with a 100% success rate and 100's of satisfied clients

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Here at Key Designs we understand that the marketing and SEO industry is basically like the Wild West with more dodgy, unscrupulous companies touting for business than genuine ones.

Because of this fact with have put together a selection of genuine case studies showing actual clients and the gains they made using our services.


Case Study 

Universal Signage http://www.universalsignage.co.uk/

Universal Signage are one of Manchester's leading and longest established Signage Companies, However they where struggling to rank online losing out to other less established companies.

Initially Universal Signage employed a Manchester based SEO company 'SEO Next' but after failing to rank and being strung along, tired into a 12 months contract they had almost given up on SEO until they where referred to us.

Our initial report found out that their main issue was their dated non mobile friendly website and the lack of any onsite optimisation, David Light, the owner was unhappy with our report at first but when we told him our design fees and the fact that our SEO was pay as you go he signup up on the spot.

Now 6 months on Universal Signage have dozens of page one results, many in the top 5 and even have a number of No1 rankings, they get daily enquiries and their company is going from strength to strength.

Click Here to see Universal Signage's Latest Signage Report

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Case Study 

Williams & Co Injury Solicitors http://williamsinjurylaw.co.uk

Williams and Co are specialists in personal injury claims and have been operating around Wigan, Leigh and Bolton for over 15 years. The company had been using another local marketing company and where simply not happy will the high fees they charged and poor results obtained.

When we took over the marketing we found out that no organic work had been done and the previous marketing company had simply been using adwords telling Williams and Co that because of the competitive niche this was their only recourse. We started an organic campaign in Dec 2017 and be February 2018 the company had over 80 page 1 results and over 40 number 1 rankings on Google...

Click Here to see Williams & Co Latest Report

Case Study

Advanced Locksmiths http://www.advancedlocksmiths.org.uk

Advanced Locksmiths had been doing PPC marketing as well as some organic marketing with another company and whilst they did have a few page one results they felt like their current marketing company lacked the skills and expertise to advance them any further.

We took over organic marketing in December 2017 and by February 2018 they where dominating local search results with 67 page one results and 27 No1 results for their chosen keywords. ....

Click Here to see Advanced Locksmiths Latest Report

Case Study 

LT Locksmiths http://www.ltlocksmiths.co.uk/

LT Locksmiths although based in North Yorkshire had trained locally and had been given the name of a Blackpool based SEO company through a contact at the locksmith training centre in Atherton. After being tired into a 12 month contract and only getting as far a page 4 for his main keywords, Liam the owner of LT Locksmiths contacted us.

Our analysis showed us that the previous SEO company had done a lot of damage by using black hat techniques that hadn't worked since 2013 so we needed to first fix all the issues, the first couple of months saw some less competitive areas reach page one but now 8 month into the campaign every single (21) keyword ranks page one.

The Locksmith training centre has now stopped promoting this Blackpool company for commission in favour of recommending ourselves and we do not give the training centre commission

Click Here to see LT Locksmiths Latest Report

Case Study

Bryn Coal http://bryncoal.co.uk

Bryn Coal had been tired into a contract with an infamous SEO Company in Leigh and was getting nowhere. Ste, the owner of Bryn Coal contacted us after we where recommend by a local graphic designer. After our analysis we deduced that very little work was in fact being carry out and that there niche was not really that competitive, they where 9 months into an 18 months contract but cancelled anyway.

After cancelling the contract and ending up in a court battle with this unscrupulous company we started work.. First building them a new search optimsed website then marketing... After just 1 month their keywords rocketed from oblivion onto page 1 and 2 of Google and continue to climb each month ending up with dozens of high page one and many number one results....

Click Here to see Bryn Coal Latest Report

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