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Here at Key Designs we don't simple create mobile friendly websites for our clients, we specialise in mobile enhanced websites that are proven to give a better user experience resulting in higher conversions and more leads.

Mobile Enhancements as standard

Mobile Enhancements as standard

We won't simply build you a website that can pass Google's mobile compliance test.

Key Designs specialise in mobile enhanced websites that are tested across multiple devices and platforms to give the best all round user experience.

We also include a range of mobile only features sucvg as click to call and alternative content delivery.

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Not all mobile websites are the same and simply creating a website that passes Google's mobile compliance test won't necessarily increase you conversion rates and bring in that much needed extra business.

If you or company are still using a non mobile complaint website then you are missing out on over 60% of all online enquires and letting your business rivals take most of the work.

As standard, all of our websites work across multiple devices including tablets and mobile phones, however, here and Key Designs we believe in going that step further and making sure that your website helps your business and doesn't just site there.

This is why we make sure that all of our websites get additional mobile enhancements making is easy for mobile and tablet users to interact with your website and contact you.


Why you need to be mobile friendly

In 2016 over 65% of initial searches for local businesses came from smartphones and tablets and even though non compliant website do still show up the the search results, statistics show that 90% of visitors quickly left to find a mobile compliant site instead.

1000's of local businesses in the UK are seeing their client base reduced and profits drop as a result of having a dated, non mobile compliant website, don't be part of these statistics, go mobile friendly, today!



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As professional coders we are capable of working with a full range of design and coding technologies making us the ideal choice for local businesses, charities, local authorities, schools and large national companies.