Why you definitely need a Content Management System for your website

With 2019 just around the corner I'm amazed to still see websites without a CMS (Content Management System) websites built by so called professional web developers

Why you definitely need a Content Management System for your website

With 2019 just around the corner It's amazing to still see so called modern websites without a CMS (Content Management System) and I'm not talking about old sites that pre-date this sort of feature, unbelievably there are still so called professional web design companies still churning out static, unmanageable websites for clients leaving them with a site that if it needs changing they need to go back to the developer each time and pay, even it its just a telephone phone number or change of address.

If you don't know what a Content Management System is; it's a secure area of your website that you, the site owner can log into and make amendments, more advanced CMS's allow the site owner to even add galleries and new pages.

With Google algorithms changing like fashion it is important to keep on top of your websites content, what works one month may be frowned upon the next month, its also a good idea to constantly tweak your content for a better Google rankings.

Without a CMS you're stuck with the website in its original format and forced to return to the web designer for any updates you may need, incurring additional charges.


So why would a web design company omit this important feature?

There are a number of reasons that a web designer or web design company would knowingly omit this important feature one reason is that they want continuing payments from you, each time you want something changed they'll invoice you for the work, these are usually the "too good to be true" web design companies offering cut price websites, in the end you end up paying more that you would of paid a professional web designer to build you a fully featured updateable fully manageable website, these same companies usually charge extortionate web hosting and domain name renewal fees too.

I've even known some amateur web design companies supply their client with a Wordpress site (more on Wordpress later) a web building tool with a built in CMS and still not supply logins.

Another common reason for a company failing to supply you with a CMS if that they are not web designers at all they are simply an I.T. company using software or a graphic design company only able to do the front end design work and don't have the skill to code you a CMS.


So do you need Wordpress if you want a manageable website?

Of course not, I hear this time and time again, clients come to us wanting a bespoke site to replace their Wordpress site and when we ask them why they choose Wordpress they are either not aware that their previous designer had just installed them FREE website software or they wanted to be able to update their site themselves and where told they had to have Wordpress to have the ability to do their own updates.

Wordpress is a popular FREE website building tool and whilst great for personal websites and blogs the package simply isn't suitable for a professional, business websites and no professional web design company should force you to have Wordpress simply because it has a built in CMS. A professional web designer can easily build a custom CMS for your website that's easier to use and more streamlined.

Wordpress was developed to be a FREE open source tool yet some companies are charging unsuspecting people and businesses up to £5000 for a Wordress site, I kid you not, search some Manchester based web design agencies. At the end of the day Wordpress is a blogging platform. this is what it was designed for, if you want a blog, install Wordpress, we install Worpress for £249 this includes domain name, hosting and dummy content to get you going, and we are professional web developers.

A CMS is important and in 2019 rumour has it that Googles next big overhaul will focus a lot on fresh, updated content and if you have a website that you can't update and tweak on a regular basis you're going to be left behind by your competitors.

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