Are you on a tight budget or simply want to set up a personal or business blog? A low cost Wordpress install may be the answer you are looking for. There are many have a go web design companies charging outrageous prices for a simple Wordpress install. Key Designs believes that if you want to use this open source CMS you should be charged a fair price.

Wordpress Installation & Confguration

Wordpress installation isn't web design so no one should be paying outrageous bespoke web design prices to an amateur web designer or sales driven web design agency whose idea of professional web design is clicking an install button and making a few tweaks.

Wordpress is a DIY website building tool and while we've always encourage people wanting to use this open source CMS to have a go themselves we do offer affordable Wordpress installation as a service.

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Why choose Wordpress?

Wordpress is not always a choice, sometimes it's forced onto the customer by an amateur web designer usually under the pretence that if they want to update their website they'll have to use Wordpress, sometimes the customer isn't even aware they are getting Wordpress and only find out after they have paid what's considered a professional/bespoke web design fee.

However some people do choose Wordpress due to budget constraints or simply want to set up a standard blog - which is what Wordpress was designed for and a task it performs well.


Why would a professional web design company like Key Designs offer this service?

We have recently been made aware of a growing number of companies and individuals setting up in the area offering web design services via Wordpress, and although this has been going on in the industry for a number of years a new emerging trend of charging unaware customers bespoke web development prices has emerged.

We have come across a number of reports of some clients paying upwards of £1000 for a Wordpress install, some reported fees are much higher than this, and for an install that takes half a day or less we consider this way overpriced especially when our bespoke web design prices start at £500.

Whilst we would never consider Wordpress installation web design we are happy to offer customers a fair and appropriate fee for Wordpress installation, set-up and configuration.


What we offer our customers

Our Wordress installs start at just £249.00 and includes domain name registration, 12 months hosting, Installation and configuration and we'll even add dummy content to get you started... Thats a live, working website or blog for £249!


Stop paying outrageous fees for Wordpress Installation, It's not web design it's a service that should take no competent developer more than a few hours.

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Wordpress installation needn't cost the earth, it's installation after all and not professional, bespoke web design.

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