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23rd May 2017 11:09am

Thankfully we may have seen the last of that annoying, clumsy slideshow method of displaying posts and articles

19th May 2017 11:08am

There has been a lot of speculation in the SEO world over the past few weeks as to what Google's latest update know as FRED actually targets and as always Google is tight lipped.

26th April 2017 04:35pm

Google Optimised or Google Ready is a marketing term thrown around by many web design agencies to promote their web design but like a lot of marketing slogans nowadays it no longer carries any merit.

04th April 2017 07:40am

Do you use Wordpress for your website or blog? Has a web designer that you thought was a professional developer installed Wordpress without your knowledge? You need to check now as the latest Wordpress exploit could leave your valuable data vulnerable...

15th March 2017 09:03am

We have become a very impatient society and many internet users will only wait a matter of seconds before leaving your website and going elsewhere to find what they are looking for which makes the speed of a website more important than it has ever been.

01st February 2017 11:38am

The domain name is something that many people give very little thought to when setting up a new business or website, on the otherhand a few people over think the issue and end up wasting weeks searching and choosing the correct domain name.

10th January 2017 09:54am

So what are minimum term contracts and what place do they have in the internet marketing and SEO industry?

12th December 2016 07:08pm

Bespoke is a term that is used in a lot of different industries and for the most part businesses, tradesmen and clientele are aware and understand its meaning, when to use the term and when not to use the term.

28th November 2016 02:10pm

With 2017 just around the corner I'm amazed to still see websites without a CMS (Content Management System)

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