What does Google Optimised or Google Ready Really Mean?

Google Optimised or Google Ready is a marketing term thrown around by many web design agencies to promote their web design but like a lot of marketing slogans nowadays it no longer carries any merit.

What does Google Optimised or Google Ready Really Mean?

So you have your new website live, it looks great, it has all your offers and services listed on it, your prices are very competitive and you're certain that now you are an online company you're going to make it big, but months go by, no phone calls or emails, you search Google for your keywords, you don't show up, you search for your keywords along with your local area and yet your are nowhere to be seen! Your developer told you that your website was Google Optimised so why aren't you showing up?

Google Optimised or Google Ready is a marketing term thrown around by many web design agencies to promote their web design but like a lot of marketing slogans nowadays it no longer carries any merit.

Why does this term no longer mean anything?

It's not really that it no longer means anything; in fact a Google Optimised website is what every business wants and needs to compete online, the problem is that the amateur web designers and telesales marketing companies are also using this term despite the fact that their template websites don't even come close to being Google optimised.

To understand properly, you need to understand that there are different types of web designers and web design agencies, after all the industry is totally unregulated meaning that anyone with a computer and some cheap software can offer a web design service nowadays.

Firstly you have the 'have a go' weekend web designers, these are people who will have a job in an unrelated industry yet offer 'cheap' web design for extra income. What you need to understand about this type of web designer is that if they where a good or even just a competent web designer then they would work in the web design industry wouldn't they, and not as a shelf stacker in the local supermarket.

These weekend web designers will usually come armed with cheap or free web design software and put together very basic websites that will not be optimised for Google at all yet will use terms like 'Google Optimised' or 'Google Ready' without having the faintest idea of what it means, and what the customer is left with is a very poor website that has very little chance of a good organic ranking.

Secondly you have the telesales web design agencies which on the surface appear to be legitimate web developers. The problem with these sales driven agencies is that they always work on numbers and their salesmen will tell you anything you want to hear so that you'll sign on the dotted line and once you have you'll typically get a template of software created website which again will not be Google Optimised. The biggest problem I have with agencies is the fact that unlike the weekend web designers they are not cheap yet you get the same standard of work.


So how to you get a Google Optimised or Google website.

Like any industry, if you want the best then you need to go to a professional, you need a developer or company that is experienced in all the web technologies, writes code and doesn't simply use software, someone who keeps up to date with all the latest design trends and follows Google's updates and news.

A salesman in a telesales driven web design agency will sound like he knows everything there is to know about web design, but think about this? Why isn't he a web designer then?

A rule of thumb is that you should always speak to a developer and never a salesman as a salesman is just there to close the deal and earn commission. If you're looking for web design then go and look for web designers, don't wait until the next salesman gives you a call with his amazing deals. Do your own research, look at their portfolio, check for reviews on third party websites etc.


So a Google Optimised will rank high on Google then?

This is a misconception. Having a Google optimised website does not mean you will rank high on Google especially for a competitive niche, but it's a start. Having an optimised website with all the correct code, meta data etc means that you are not starting from scratch when you do decide to spend some money and/or time on some additional marketing.

If your website has been professionally designed and coded then there is good chance that you will be able to do your own marketing and get good results and if you decide to use a marketing company then the company isn't going to insist that you need a new 'optimised' website, which I've seen happen many times meaning you need to pay again for yet another website.

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